Best Hotels in Santa Monica Beach: Your Ultimate Coastal Retreat



Planning a visit to the breathtaking Santa Monica Beach? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the 10 best hotels in Santa Monica Beach, ensuring an unforgettable stay in this picturesque coastal paradise. From luxurious beachfront resorts to boutique hideaways, these hotels offer top-notch amenities, stunning views, and exceptional service. Get ready to embark on a journey of relaxation, indulgence, and pure beachfront bliss.

  1. The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows: A Haven of Luxury and Elegance
    Experience the epitome of refined luxury at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows. Nestled along the beachfront, this iconic hotel boasts breathtaking ocean views, surprisingly elegantly appointed rooms, and an array of top-notch amenities. Indulge in world-class dining, unwind at the tranquil poolside oasis, and enjoy impeccable service that will make your stay truly memorable.
  2. Shutters on the Beach: Where Coastal Charm Meets Luxury
    Discover a seaside oasis at Shutters on the Beach, a boutique hotel renowned for its coastal charm and sophisticated elegance. Relax in beautifully designed rooms, also savor delectable cuisine at their renowned restaurants, and rejuvenate at the serene spa. With its stunning beachfront location and impeccable service, Shutters on the Beach offers a truly indulgent escape.
  3. Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel: Modern Comfort by the Ocean
    Immerse yourself in modern comfort at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. till Enjoy spacious and stylish accommodations, each with its own private balcony offering panoramic ocean views. Unwind by the pool, pamper yourself at the spa, and savor delicious coastal cuisine. This upscale hotel combines luxury, convenience, and breathtaking coastal beauty.
  4. Casa Del Mar: Timeless Elegance on the Water’s Edge
    Step into a world of timeless elegance at Casa Del Mar, a historic hotel exuding sophistication and charm. Be captivated by the stunning ocean views, indulge in exquisite dining experiences, and pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa treatments. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or strolling along the beach, Casa Del Mar offers a refined coastal getaway.
  5. Shore Hotel: Sustainable Luxury with Spectacular Ocean Views
    Experience sustainable luxury at Shore Hotel, where contemporary design meets eco-friendly practices. Enjoy stylish and eco-conscious accommodations, relax by the pool with stunning ocean vistas, and explore the vibrant Santa Monica Pier just steps away. With its commitment to sustainability and breathtaking coastal setting, Shore Hotel offers a unique and guilt-free stay.
  6. Viceroy Santa Monica: Chic Sophistication with a Beachside Vibe
    Immerse yourself in chic sophistication at Viceroy Santa Monica. From the sleek and modern design to the rooftop pool boasting panoramic ocean views. This hotel offers a trendy and vibrant atmosphere. Indulge in delicious cuisine, unwind at the inviting lounge, and discover the perfect blend of style and comfort at this beachside haven.
  7. JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot: Tranquility and Elegance by the Pacific
    Indulge in tranquility and elegance at JW Marriott Santa Monica Le Merigot. With its elegant rooms, exceptional dining options, and a serene spa overlooking the Pacific, this hotel invites you to unwind and rejuvenate. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets, also take leisurely walks along the beach, therefore experience unparalleled relaxation in a luxurious setting undoubtedly.
  8. The Huntley Hotel: Panoramic Ocean Views and Modern Sophistication
    Escape to The Huntley Hotel, where panoramic ocean views and modern sophistication await. Revel in sleek and stylish accommodations, sip cocktails at the rooftop lounge, and savor gourmet cuisine at the upscale restaurant. With its prime location and unparalleled vistas, The Huntley Hotel promises a luxurious and unforgettable stay.
  9. Oceana Beach Club Hotel: Serenity and Seclusion on the Shoreline
    Discover serenity and seclusion at Oceana Beach Club Hotel. Offering spacious suites, a tranquil courtyard, and exclusive access to a private beach club also, this hotel provides a serene coastal retreat. Indulge in personalized service, unwind in the peaceful surroundings, and create lasting memories in this hidden gem.
  10. Shorebreak Hotel: Hip and Vibrant Boutique Accommodations
    Experience a boutique beach getaway i.e. at Shorebreak Hotel, where hip and vibrant accommodations meet the laid-back spirit of Santa Monica Beach. Enjoy stylish rooms, also soak up the sun at the rooftop lounge, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere . Located near the Santa Monica Pier, this hotel offers the perfect blend of coastal charm and modern comfort.


Embark on a remarkable journey of luxury also relaxation, and coastal beauty at the top 10 hotels in Santa Monica Beach. So From beachfront resorts to boutique hideaways, each hotel surely offers its own unique charm, thereafter ensuring an unforgettable stay in this picturesque destination. Whether you seek breathtaking ocean views, exquisite dining experiences, or rejuvenating spa treatments, these hotels will exceed your expectations and provide a truly remarkable coastal retreat. So, pack your bags, embrace the allure of Santa Monica Beach, and indulge in a beachside getaway like no other.

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