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There are several car washes in Santa Monica. Some popular options include:

Santa Monica Car Wash: Located on Lincoln Boulevard, they offer full-service car washes and detailing.

Westside Hand Car Wash: Situated on Wilshire Boulevard, they provide hand washes and detailing services.


Shine Auto Spa: Found on Olympic Boulevard, they offer a range of car wash and detailing options, including hand washes and ceramic coatings.

Santa Monica Car Spa: Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, they offer express car washes and detailing services.

It’s always a good idea to check their websites or call ahead for specific services, pricing, and operating hours.

There are several car wash options in Santa Monica, California. Here are a few popular car wash locations in Santa Monica:

  1. Santa Monica Car Wash: Located at 2900 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica Car Wash offers both exterior and interior cleaning services. They have a variety of packages available to suit different needs.
  2. Soapy Joe’s Car Wash: Situated at 2207 Pico Blvd, Soapy Joe’s Car Wash is another well-known car wash in Santa Monica. They offer full-service car washes as well as detailing services.
  3. Ocean Park Hand Car Wash: Located at 2910 Main St, Ocean Park Hand Car Wash specializes in hand washing and detailing services. They have a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in providing thorough cleaning for vehicles.
  4. Eco Auto Care: Situated at 1820 Olympic Blvd, Eco Auto Care is an eco-friendly car wash and detailing center. They use biodegradable products and employ water-saving techniques to minimize their environmental impact.
  5. Splash Hand Car Wash: They offer hand wash services, as well as additional services like waxing and interior cleaning.

car washes in Santa Monica

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