Explore L.A.’s Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area


Welcome to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, an idyllic escape nestled in the heart of Los Angeles. Spanning over 150,000 acres, this stunning natural wonder offers a breathtaking blend of picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife, and an array of outdoor activities.

The Santa Monica Mountains are a playground for residents of the Great Los Angeles Area. These parks and public lands offer opportunities for escape, adventure, and enjoying the outdoors. No matter your interest or abilities, you’ll have fun in these mountains!

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Adventure Enthusiast: Want to get moving? We have more than 500 miles of trails for you to get your adrenaline fix. Hiking at Sandstone Peak, mountain biking at Cheeseboro Canyon, trail running at Las Virgenes Canyon, rock climbing and camping at Malibu Creek State park, horseback riding at Paramount Ranch, and the Backbone Trail at Will Rogers State Historic Park.


Surf Seeker: Are you happier in the water than on land? The Santa Monica Mountains drop directly into the Pacific Ocean, with 41 miles of coast waiting for you to get your feet wet. There’s fishing at Point Mugu State Park, kayaking and tide pools at Leo Carrillo State Park, beach volleyball at Zuma Beach County Park, surfing at Malibu Surfrider Beach, and subathing at Santa Monica State Beach.

Discover the hidden histories of the Santa Monica Mountains. Humans have lived and worked here for thousands of years, and their legacies can be seen at Native American cultural sites, historic ranches, and former movie set locations. Learn about Native American history at Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa, homesteads at Solstice Canyon, film history at Paramount Ranch, Spanish exploration at Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, lectures and presentations at Santa Monica Mountains Interagency Visitor Center, and celebrity history at Will Rogers State Historic Park.

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